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The National Medical Advisory Committee will comprise the following members due to the relevant special expertise and experience required and which may be supplemented at times by experts in any medical field which is considered to be desirable;

  • Chair - to be appointed by the CEO
  • Deputy Chair - to appointed by the Chairman after consultation with the Committee and CEO
  • CAMS Chief Medical Officer for Rally Australia
  • CAMS Chief Medical Officer for the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix
  • CAMS Chief Medical Assessor
  • Supercars Australia Medical Delegate
  • MedicalPractitioners/Persons with Medical expertise - as required
  • Paramedic

In terms of qualifications and qualities, any new committee members must have the following:

  • Be a currently registered and practicing medical practitioner or paramedic
  • Have experience in motorsport medicine, demonstrated by:
  • Participation in the medical team at a number of circuit, rally, tarmac rally or off-road competitions, and/or
  • organisation of medical services for the above competitions
  • An excellent understanding of the physical demands of motorsport and their impact on competitor's health
  • A good understanding of the current CAMS Medical Standards
  • A good understanding of current anti-doping and illicit drug use legislation
  • An understanding of, and commitment to enhance working relationships with AIMSS
  • A willingness to contribute all aspects of the workload of the committee, including working groups that may be convened