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HTP Application Process

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Week 1: Applicant submits the application plus 100 per cent payment and CAMS to decide upon and inform relevant HEO and forward all relevant information.

Week 2: Applicant calls HEO to discuss application and arrange for an inspection.

Week 3-4: HEO inspects the vehicle and creates a report approving the vehicle.

Week 5: HEO informs CAMS that in their opinion the application meets CAMS/FIA requirements is approved, and sends vehicle inspection report and application to CAMS.

Week 6-7: CAMS creates draft COD and distributes to HEC for decision.

Week 8: HEC approves the application, with CAMS producing and sending the COD or HTP document as well as the CAMS Log Book.


HTP_Process _Graphic _210817_03 An old form on the 12 page HTP is valid for five years.

A new form on the 2017 (26/27 page) HTP is valid for ten years (current year plus ten years).

If you have an application pending, not yet accepted, there is no end date and you can correct it at any time and re-send it* – however please note that if payment has not yet been made, please check current schedule of fees. 

*If application is on the old template, it will only be possible to re-send by the end of August 2017.

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