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Conditional Registration Schemes

Conditional registration schemes allow certain non-standard vehicles that do not comply with the construction and equipment requirements for registration and have a genuine need to access the road network. To see if your vehicle is eligible for one of these schemes, refer below for individual state schemes, requirements and relevant forms.

Any applicant should be aware that CAMS has a responsibility to state government transport bodies as part of these schemes. Generally, these responsibilities include maintaining a very accurate database of all participants; the approval and appointment of licensed Certifiers; the thoroughness and detail of the inspection process; the approval of all applicants and renewal of same and the communication of any cancellations from the scheme.

New South Wales (Roads and Maritime Services)

Rally Vehicle Scheme (RVS)
The conditional registration scheme available in NSW is known as the Rally Vehicle Scheme or RVS provided by the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

NSW RVS Registration Handbook View
NSW RVS Inspection Form Download
NSW RVS Approved Certifiers / Inspectors View
NSW RVS Notice of Cancellation Download
NSW RVS Certifier Applications Download
RMS Application for Conditional Registration Download
RMS Vehicle Declaration Form Download
RMS Dedicated Rally Car Technical Manual View
RMS RVS Memorandum of Understanding Download
RMS RVS Rally Vehicle Agreement Download

Queensland (Department of Transport and Main Roads)

Qld Rally Vehicle Registration Scheme (RVRS)

The conditional registration scheme available in Qld is known as Rally Vehicle Registration Scheme or RVRS provided by the Department of Transport & Main Roads.

Qld RVRS Registration Guidelines View
Qld RVRS Application to Operate & Inspection Form Download
Qld RVRS Application to Operate Renewal Form Download
Qld RVRS Approved Inspectors View
Qld RVRS Notice of Cancellation Download
Qld RVRS Inspector Application Download

Tasmania (Department of Transport Tas) 

There are a number of types of conditional registration available in Tasmania, all of which applications are made directly to Department of Transport Tasmania. The links to each scheme are below:


UPDATE (June 2016): CAMS continues to engage the Victorian Government improving the understanding of the interaction, for the Rally discipline, of CAMS with Government departments including both VicRoads and the Department or the Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Access to the road network in Victoria is vital for the Rally discipline and requires a range of interactions with GOV Departments to facilitate it, be it for Road Closure permits, legislation exemptions or to legitimately permit the use of Rally vehicles on the road network. Other considerations include road or infrastructure damage, community engagement and ensuring that the benefits to Victoria, that Rallying brings, are highlighted.

By working directly with the various Departments CAMS is seeking to ensure that the obligations of CAMS, our Member Clubs, Members and event organisers are clearly defined and that the continued interaction with the Departments at both the State and regional level is considered in order to reduce any unnecessary red tape and improve the processes for both. 

Western Australia
 (Department of Transport WA)

Dedicated Rally Vehicle (DRV)

CAMS is currently working with the Department of Transport on the development of the DRV. At this stage, there is no implementation date set. In the meantime rally vehicles can access the road network through the Dedicated Rally Car Program - see documents below. 

DRC Procedures & Requirements View
DRC Inpsection Record & Application View
DRC DoT letter of approval View
DRC Manual View

South Australia (Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure) 

Dedicated Rally Car Scheme (DRC)

The conditional registration scheme available in SA is known as the Dedicated Rally Car Scheme or DRC provided by the SA Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure (DPTI).

DRC Manual View
DRC Administrative Procedures View
DRC Application to Build View
DRC Letter of Introduction View
Sale of a Dedicated Rally Car View